Managing Director’s Message

Situated in the delta region of the easternmost part of the Indian subcontinent, inundated profusely by innumerable mighty rivers Bangladesh is a small but densely populated and culturally rich country. Through its values and preserved traditional folk and anthropological heritage, Bangladesh is definitely not an inert onlooker standing by the super highway of the digitally proliferating media progression. Rather, the country and its vibrant people are conscious and aware of the rapid development-taking place all around us. In the last decade Bangladesh has progressed pace with the technological advancement taking place in the IT sector, Broadcast and Mass Communication’s arena all over the world. In this backdrop SA TV’s emergence is an example of a bold entrepreneurship. Originated from a giant Group of Companies, popularly known and revered as S A PORIBOHON (Parcel and Courier Service), SA TV (SA Channel Private Ltd) began its Broadcast journey with a big bang on the 19th of January 2013 with its razor sharp Full HD high-tech transmission. From the very first day SA TV started projecting super quality images and multifarious entertainment programs made by an agile team of creative producers. At the same time SA TV’s super agile team could present uninterrupted updated news and views covered by a vigilant team of reporters. SA TV rocketed to the uppermost strata of Bangladeshi Broadcaster’s band.

SA TV is equipped with the latest state of the art technology. But we know that any technology, whatever may be its strength, devoid of any positive human values or vision would not sustain for long. So we have engaged highly qualified high-tech visionaries with creative acumen behind the screen, some are even from countries like UK and other countries to prepare and present programs not only for the people living within the country but also for the millions living abroad. We know that they all wait and long for audio-visual programs from the roots, their motherland. The vision-makers of SA TV know it fully well and so they formulate quality programs suited to the taste of the budding younger generation living in Bangladesh or abroad and also for the audience of other age groups and genre. We are spreading our wings to extend our program footprint rapidly all over the world.

You would be happy to know that SA TV is the first Channel in Bangladesh to get hold of the rights of the internationally acclaimed and world’s greatest talent hunting event known as AMERICAN IDOL from Freemantle media to make our own version, titled BANGLADESHI IDOL. The venture created a sensation in our Broadcast culture. From the remotest corner of the river-inundated Bangladesh, SA TV’s professional team of judges could meticulously sift and select talented young singers, groom them and presented them to perform competitively before the millions of SA TV’s viewers. The yearlong presentation of the episodes of the competition gradually converged to its end and led to an enormous audience response for BANGLADESHI IDOL, which was one of the highest rated shows nationwide. SA TV is preparing to host more world-class events in the near future.

SA TV believes in upgrading content and program presentation styles and endeavors constantly to encourage research to catch up with audience’s ever growing demand.
As the Head of the Management of SA TV, I welcome you to visit our website to explore the creative and technological potentials of the channel. We will update pages every minute to keep you informed about our ventures and associated activities. The following pages will take you to all our creative ventures in details. We welcome your well-considered comments, criticism and concrete suggestions.

Have a nice journey to the core of SA TV’s Web hub.

Salahuddin Ahmed
Managing Director
S.A. Channel Pvt. Limited